Umbreon and Espeon


So i read that you can only have 1 of each of these Eevee evolutions and i wrongfully evolved a poor stat Eevee a longg time ago when i was a lower level. I transferred them in the hope of getting newer ones with better stats but can not get them. even by renaming to Tamao and Sakura… any ideas?


Walk 10 km with the eevee you want to evolve as buddy.
Then evolve it,
If its day in game you get an Espeon
If its night in game you get an Umbreon


Not all hero’s wear capes… thanks dude


I would like u if i didnt use all my likes today so :+1:


One for another day then :wink:


But evolve it only when it is your buddy. If you Un-buddy it you have to walk another 10km with it as your buddy


Ah that would have caught me out… cheers :+1:


I have a 100% Espeon.Its good in battles!