Ultra Bonus Unlock: Gen IV Babies?


Who thinks the ultra bonus unlock will be the genIV Babies?

  • I think so.
  • I don’t think so.
  • Idk.

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Makes some sense to be mewtwo in normal raids for 3 hours. Completely useless for rurals but something niantic might end up doing anyway


They should make it a tier 3 raid with a 300 second timer with everyone getting a unique pass so they would have to solo it.


That would be awesome!
But i dont think niantic is going to do that😢


That would be awesome


Why? even then the casuals/rurals won’t be happy because they either have no gyms, have to travel too far, have no time or just can’t solo it.
It’s a noble idea, but in the end the hardcore/urban player will benefit from it.


I hope they put it in soloable level 3 raids anyway. Those who can’t beat it shouldn’t beat it (yet). And maybe later on they could put it back in level 3 raids, again soloable but you’re allowed to bring a friend and duo it. They could probably keep going on this trajectory until basically everyone had Mewtwo.
But make it only at go fest.