Trouble at a gym


There are 2 gyms near me. One on a corner and one in a mall near the entrance. When I went to the corner gym everything went smoothly. When I went to the mall gym I had a problem with it. When I started a battle with a chancy the game froze with GO on the screen and nothing else happening. This happened several times. When I tried to get the items it froze again. I reinstalled the game and it still happened. It started to cut me off from the internet too. When I was away from the gym I had a good connection but on the gym I lost connection if it didnt freeze. Yellow had held the gym with near dead pokemon for 3 days when red and blue are usually holding that gym. Been over a week since yellow had it actually. Anyways what I’m wondering is has anyone else had these problems or any problems with gyms before?


Have you discussed this with any other players in that area to see if they’re noticing similar problems? It sounds a lot like the symptoms of poor network quality that I frequently find in my favorite area of town to play. Spotty or weak network signals (or wifi bandwidth constraints) can produce the kind of experience you’re describing. It’s possible that switching phones or service providers might help (my new S9 is able to function better in most places that my S7 struggles with, but not all).

The weak network side effects go beyond gyms, to where they can cause delays and timeouts trying to spin stops or catch pokemon. If your problems are exclusively with gyms (not impacting other parts of the game), I would suspect that it’s a different problem.

Good luck.


If other players experience the crashing but have good cell reception than that can be excluded. Than the gym is just broken.

Than you could report a critical issue to Niantic.


I mostly skip gyms I get poor cell service at.


It’s just really strange. I’ve battled at that gym many times. This is the first time this has happened.


Then hopefully it will also be the last time it happens…


Let us know if it still happens tomorrow.


I’m guessing non issue now?