Trading in Let’s Go


Hi guys. I’m a Pokemon Go and Let’s Go player, and in Let’s Go, you can trade in order to get the finale evolution of some Pokemons.
So I was wondering. Anyone here who plays Let’s and is willing to trade?


I play let’s go eevee
Anyway I’m at celadon city


What’s yours


Let’s go Eevee too. Shall we trade? It’s the only way we can get the final evolution of some Pokemons, like Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, and Haunter.


Wait need be friends first


Ok. How can we do that? We just need to type the same code at the same type, and no matter the distance, we’ll be able to trade


Looking to trade I just need a Alakazam


I’m happy to trade all of those. Please let me know when you’re online and we can exchange each for each. Besides meltan and mr. Mime, all I need to complete my pokedex.


Hi. I’m new on here. I have Pokemon let’s go Pikachu. I’m looking for some one to help me trade to and back my kadabra and machoke to complete my Pokedex. Also if someone from Eevee is feeling generous and can do a alolan vulpix and meowth I can do sanshrew and grimer in return.



Hey, I would love to help you with your trade evolutions and would definitely trade back if you can help me evolve my Graveler. Unfortunately I have Pikachu too


Sweet, Yea I can definitely help with that, next question is when are you able to do it I guess


Now works, what 3 Pokemon code do you want to use?


Diglet, Caterpie, Bulbasaur


Same code for back again and them machoke


Do you happen to have a gengar just to register in my dex? Ill trade back


Yea sure


Awesome, thanks man


Anything else while we are at it?


Nope, Im good to go


Thanks alot for that mate just 2 more levels on my Dragonair and my Dex is complete