Trading - Anyone have a spare Torkoal?


Really wanting one. My wife does too, and she will be jealous. I know I can’t get them on this side of the world.


Well you want someone to spoof to You?


Eventually everyone will have one. Eventually.


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Not sure what you mean. Was just hoping there was a way to get one. I know they are not a big deal but I see them in some gyms and like them. When I looked up and it was something only regional, I thought I would ask. :slight_smile:


Well someone has to spoof to You unless someone lives near you. Go Hub is anti spoofing so you could say your location.


I would suggest looking for a local discord group. If you can get in a group like that you might find someone to give torkoal


Go HUB is not anti play while dirivng but it is anti spoofing?