Trade options


Does anyone else feel that a long distance trade option would be beneficial to most players?


:+1: yes


It should be a feature for Lucky Friends.


It should be a feature for everyone, why is it limited again?


It would be nice if they had like a Trade location you could go to to trade with people from around the world like one location in the city and you could just trade with random people like wonder trade


Yes, then I could trade with you guys


You know what I mean I think it would work ask Jackson about Wonder trades


He said we get lots of crappy Pokémon that way.


Yup but 10% of the time you get something good for giving up junk


Who wants to petition long distance trade with me?


Petitions like that will never work


You never know. After all, a lot of people in rural areas stopped playing because there was very little to offer for them in the game. If this is taken into consideration, those players could start playing again.


Not sure how this will help Rurals?
Things you don’t have cost a lot more Dust for both parties in the Trade.
I don’t think that would be enough to get them back.


People in rural areas have limited options such as gift exchange, stocking up on items and eggs while in town, and completing research that gives items and Pokemon appearances. This means limited options in finding Pokemon or items. I have a friend in another state sending me gifts to help me out when I can’t travel. Having a long distance trade option would allow rurals to connect with others easier, and allow rurals be able to trade like those living closer together.


Absolutely. Especially with the newly introduced ‘‘lucky trades’’. However, botters could use it too and Niantic doesn’t want that (I assume)


Long distance battles would be good too. The only trainers people in rural areas can battle are the in game leaders. Back to the topic at hand. Like how the gift exchange works, why wouldn’t trade be an option in the same sense?


And I agree
But an online petition like this wont change a thing


Then why don’t we send a suggestion to the company about it?


The more of us that want this added to the game the more likely it will be added in an update.


Cas it won’t help