Top twelve CP Pokémon



You can only get 550 pokemon…


Yeah, i increased atleast twice this past week.


Right, i had the right moveset on groudon but forgot to change te name to solarbeam for a kyogre raid boss with thunder. About kyogre, made it for larger group raidboss kyogre with blizzard. At this moment i don’t use them so i wait for the next legendary boss


Got me a 2nd Ape since late update. Now he’s my buddy so I can power him up since I have nothing left to evolve until Gen 4 which seems to be coming soon.


Do I eye four Tyranitars? I can’t hear you!!!


Wow, gardevoir!


I have 2 metagross and working in the third which is a hundo


You use the salamence?


Ok, it’s been a while so here’s the current team! Haven’t powered a lot up because need the dust for trades


The circled ones are maxed.



@5GodLink , @bobbyjack8 and @JoshHack do you ever use your salamence in battle?


Used to be in main party. I use my weaker ones to defend.


Higher dps than dragonite would mean that I would use it. And I will when I get one…


Draco meteor animation is slow af.


I use it in gym battles if the default picks it, it does pretty good.


If salamence had outrage…


Mine has Draco Meteor.


Best one…