Top twelve CP Pokémon



What the…


One of the options when editing a picture. Looks kool tho


It’s invert colour





Updated my top pokemon


Lol my highest isnt even close to one of yours


This are not twelve, this are 36… so maybe it’s a way of spamming…


Here’s my top 12. Not 36. It’s a little different then what I posted 4 weeks ago.


little update after 2 months


HOLY CRAP, THATS A LOT. But looking at the movesets, youre not doing a good job. 1st of why would you have a Dragon tail/Earthquck Groudon? Makes no sense. Should have Mud Shot. Also why do all 4 of those Kyogres have thunder? Worst and most useless moveset on kyogre, and you deside to have all of them with thunder? Should have hydropumo


HOLY HOLY RAVIOLI wow I am impressed… :joy::joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::sunglasses:


Update! Just evolved to my third metagross


I dont even have metang


Updated since April but still refuse to have the Ape as my strongest mon :joy:




I think @Jormdeworm has created this topic because it is fun seeing how people progress.

I personally think that it is cool to see how high cp some Pokemon can get and that I will be looking forward to maxing my own out


Right. It was more or less just a joke. I like to see the experience of somebody else, that’s why I made this topic, and with the reply @vorgriff3 is reffering to, I kinda just wanted to say that @Carry131 has a good top 12. That’s everything.

Edit: This is not even a contest, it’s just for, yeah, fun…




Is your 12 better now? I am very impressed