Top twelve CP Pokémon


You didnt favorite them :dizzy_face:
Imagine accidently transfering your 100iv Ho-Oh


you can;t mass trasfer legedary pokemon So uless you are really really really not paying attention an accidetal transfer should’t be possible


I accidently misclicked appraise and then i also accidently misclicked yes so i once transfered my number 2 before starting favoriting.




honest error which is possible, so yeah chances are higher then i expected. Sorry to hear that.

I already hated appraising without apps, you just made it worse. (i too have a 100% IV Ho-Oh and many more strong stuff. O the plusside, i never have to appraise them so chances are down again.


For each legend I like to power up one of each. I like to have diversity.
Lately all my rare candies have been going to my mewtwo though.


As already been said, you can’t mass transfer a legend. But I use the favorite option for something different. Every favorited pokemon of mine needs a TM.


I favorite everything, even pidgey


1.Slaking cp 4087
2.Mewtwo cp 3672
3.Rayquaza cp 3633
4.Metagross cp 3439
5.Tyranitar cp 3245
6.Tyranitar cp 3150
7.Tyranitar cp 3099
8.Tyranitar cp 3094
9.Shiny dragonite cp 3062
10.Rhydon cp 3036
11.Kyogre cp 3032
12.Rhydon cp 3024


Brandontan91 wanna be!!!..but seriously, thats pretty freaking crazy


The difference between me and all of you is how I have like 8 Rhydons above 2800 cp.




This makes me so sad tho




Cause mine is worse xD


There will always be someone with better Pokemon than you. Just concern yourself with your own collection and work on improving it. That’s what I do. No need to worry about what someone else has.



:dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I have even caught less Larvitars than you have Tyranitars :joy:


Sorry for these numbers, the area I live in is a Rock/Ground Biom
Larvitar Seen 577 Caught 555
Puitar Seen 85 Caught 78
Tyranitar Seen 75 Caught 65