Top twelve CP Pokémon



Just out of curiosity, how much stardust have you got currently @VvlJokerVvl?


Not a whole lot really. Seems like I save it and use it fairly. I try not to get below 100,000 but now don’t really need it to power much up so I’ll keep saving and dump it into something awesome when Gen 4 hits


Have a colleague at work who is (was) a 100% hunter & he’s in the same boat with stardust. And now with maps down he is having to buy bulk star pieces, quest & berry to get enough dust to power up his 350+ 100% mons.
His is a long-term project :joy:


It’s a bit of a process for us who look for those perfect IV Pokémon. But the reward is so worth it. I don’t keep many Pokémon in the 80% IV anymore. 90%+ are pretty much my entire Pokémon storage. Other than shiny Incase trading ever comes out I can trade with my friends.


Lol never thought my topic became so big


Yep - love me a 100%er so I do have quite a few but I power them up around once a week which is the best part of 250-300k stardust. It is becoming a laborious task which means the grind continues just to power them up.
I may have to scale it back to once a fortnight… :laughing:


As you may have seen I have a bunch of 100% that aren’t level 30-35. I wait on those and mainly go for the higher level 100% to them power up. It’s a waiting game plus once you have your party able to battle any type of raid boss there’s no rush in powering everything up. Stardust is a luxury in this game. It’s like money basically, you don’t wanna spend it all at once :joy:


Yup - I’m ok for dust also :upside_down_face:


New squad update


Reading this from the beginning has made me too embarrassed to post mine. I am a speck of dust. :sweat_smile:


That’s not true @Alaskabear41. Trust me I didn’t have all the ones I do now until I went out a lot more and grinded every week. Your not far off





I reaaly want a shiny Lugia


i really want another shiny, period.


Some improvements have taken place.


Here’s my updated list now that I can actually max out Pokémon


how all that Gyarados?