Top twelve CP Pokémon


The next time i update my top 12 will be in December, because i’m saving up dust to do a new years stardust spending spree. Hopefully it lasts longer than 10 minutes this time :crossed_fingers:t2:



100 IV Slaking and Kyogre :sweat_smile:


And a 98 wb kyogre


You are sooo good no wonder you love this game.


I just get lucky… unlike a lot of other things


That is another reason :rofl:


Updated a bit


:heart_eyes: Me Like :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Remember when i said i wouldn’t spend my stardust until december? Well, when i hit level 37 i decided to spend a little bit…Ended up spending all of it :rofl::man_shrugging:


Dont power up slaking its worthless


I didn’t power up slaking, and he won’t be powered up unless there’s a community day in the future where he gets a quick move


It isnt.

I defeated

With Slaking twice, 12 in a row without heal.



Do you ever use Slaking or Metagross?


I only use Slaking to defend gyms but I use Metagross in battles all the time.


Do you have a good IV beldum or Metang ready?


Nope. I only have 5 Beldum candies currently.




Thanks, man! I actually started off with multiple Pokémon of the same species, but I had a personal distaste of the way my lineup used to look from having five Vaporeon or three Gyarados lol. Now, I keep one of each species to make it unique! It’s actually a really fun challenge!
And, it definitely does take a while to level up once you’re above level 35, not to mention the cost of powering up each Pokémon when you get them beyond level 30 haha. You’ll get there! ) 8 Ball Pool Google Hangouts