Top twelve CP Pokémon


I found a few


Nice! :wink:


updated. I just levelled to level 38 so i powered some


Update after some powering up


Dude you are sooo good. Lucky Slaking :astonished::scream:


I literally got lucky with it! I got it at 800 cp slakoth so didn’t cost much at all




Haha. You have a lucky gengar?


Updated :stuck_out_tongue:


My top 12 hasn’t changed since I last posted July 13.


Arenrt you worried about Groudon getting Precipe Blades and Kyogre getting Origin Pulse?


What’s to worry about? I have plenty of TMs to re roll if new and better moves come. And Groudon is the best ground type so even if I can’t it’s not like the ones I have will be horrible all the sudden :joy:


All good, Liz. (Thanks, Liz)


A few changes since last screen shot posted.
All bar the useless ape are maxed out to L40.




Updated my TOP 12


Not changing your nickname to “notanither100%ivtyranitar”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must confess I do have a thing for them and will do every Ttar Raid I see and Pinap all but the top CP.



Nice Kyogres
The game would not give me good IV’s for that one and the very few times I would get one it ran every time. No Legendary has made me as angry as that one did/does.


I hated the first round of Kyogre, didnt really raid it on the second (along with the rest of the trio) but the last two weeks of Kyogre were my favourite raid period