Top favorite defenders for gyms


I am fine with revives but accidently transferred all of my max potions (the only potions I have) so I am in the rough.


Gift has max potion or max revive randomly.


I just had a Shuckle hold a gym for 24 straight days.


Dont Fuc**** with Shuckle.


Shuckle is the only T3 raid boss that cannot be solo by anyone in the world???


Yes, it is impossible.


You would think Dragonite but that is not very effective I think.


You would think Kyogre you mean


Oh I was saying the pokemon with the highest dps.


Lapras (of course) (for gyms not shuckle)


Against Shuckle? Still Kyogre


Yes its an awesome defender



I put in what ever the strongest pokemon is in my collection that is not effective against the level 5 boss of the time.


I put a bunch of Wobbuffets in yesterday but they are all dead now.