Top favorite defenders for gyms


Yeah, but a 100% IV lvl 40 bliss it’s still very hard to hit.


I just left 6 Beedrills in gyms on my way home from work. 2 hrs later and they are all still there. If just 2 make it until midnight, I already have my 50 coins for tomorrow.


Well, it depends on the playground. Lucky town you got there!


Of course one just killed right after I posted that. Got five Beedrills left with 2 hours and 12 minutes left to go until midnight.


I been dropping Blissy and Vapeoreon


I did that on vacation with all the strange gyms. Slaking, Blissey, and Snorlax. All my local gyms, I know the turnover rate, so I’m not leaving anything that I have to revive. Just transfer and move on to next gym. I’ll leave something good if my team needs to hold gym before a raid.




I used all my Beedrills. Pidgeotos and Pidgeots are next


Oh, you just putting them in gyms then trasferring them?


Yes. Not going to waste good Pokemon on Gyms I’ll have to fight twice a day anyway.


Blissy is always my Go To. I drop my two coin monsters. Then relax.


I let a bunch of summer hat and sunglasses Pikachus everywhere today.


13+ hours 50 coins from 1 blissy no other pokemon dropped just needed the coin monstar.:muscle:t5:


Currently dropping Houndours & Sunkerns in Gyms. I’ll leave some Natus and Slugmas in Gyms tomorrow.


I put my Beast in. Slakoth he is just shy of 4k. I put him in gyms I am trying to keep for a day. I put lickity tongue in a few. And in gyms I want people to change I will put a ditto. Those are fun.
I live in a small town we have 23 gyms. But 3 right by my house which we try to keep on a rotation.


I usually put in Blissey, Chancey or Snorlax at least if I’m first at the gym and don’t have candy from that day yet so I want to keep the gym for some time. If there’s those already I try to put something a bit more different and different type from others added.

…unless there’s just blissey and chancey, then I usually put wigglytuff or possibly clefable because pink and round. Usually no one else continues with the theme though :joy:

Venusaur is also a favourite, partly because if ordered by number it’s one of the first and easy to find. Or Charizard for a change.

I don’t have that many shinies, but I like to see when people put them in gyms and try to put one in when someone does a theme of them if I have a different one to add.


I’m putting in Chikoritas around town right now.


Try to get candy???


No, he puts in pokemon that would normally get transfered to save revives and stuff.


Yeah, that is one of the purposes too.