Top 5 Gym Badges


Post top 5 gym badges, gym activity.


Once I’ve got the Gold badge I rarely work the gym over anymore.


My gold gym badges are ex spots. I rework them for coins and mewtwo. I took the mewtwo chase at a slower pace now tho. My silver non-mewtwo gyms are way less than my 3 gold.


My only impressive one


Points wise the one I’ve done the most MewTwo Raids at is the second highest. I Raid it a lot, but don’t bother to battle others out and put my Pokemon in it.

I would like the Gym Activity to show how much Gym XP it has and also include the stat of how many Raids have been done on it.


Thats alot of victories @BadassFroslass



Long days! those your ex spots huh


They are 3 gyms within walking distance of my house, I can spin them and the stops in the neighborhood and be stalked all day. I’ve only have 25-35 days on the EX gyms in town :grin:


Lucky. Thats a real headquarters.





Also see this glitch


my best was a razor leaf/solar beam meganium for 6 days:joy: