Top 12 Hundos!


As you might guess, use the “4*” filter to filter your top 12–or in some cases 15–hundos by CP! Like so!








Some nice diversity in those collections.
I really want one of the useful Legendary to knock my Tatar’s off the top spot.
Sadly the Space Snake dusted me the first time it came around.
For the bargain basement cost of 225K Dust and 248 Candy I could get Ho-oh to take #1 spot.




Got a new phone that takes longer screengrabs for some reason🤷‍♂️ So Top 15

I guess I should get around to powering up some of these guys… if only stardust was easier to come by… :pensive:


I actually saved my 100% Rhyhorn for his community day. I expect him to come with Rhyperiors signature move Rock Wrecker. I also had the luxury of 2 maxed out Rhyhorns (Blame the old gym system), so I just evolved the highest one to Rhyperior and saved my 100% for the CD.






6 Legendary and 2 of them Shiny. Nice work.


I apologize if my herd isn’t in CP order as the uploader is shit. I have only 41 (I think) so I wanted to share the whole herd. Nidoran M was found during Suicune raid event!

The list starts with page 1 with Ttar at the top, Ninetales duo is page 2, Linoone starts page 3, and the little trio is lowest CP for page 4. Pikachu and one of the Exeggcute are awaiting the ability to have an Alola Form!


Here’s just page 1, where my battling 100% crew hangs. All of them have battled legendaries lately!
Victreebel has Acid Spray AND Leaf Tornado!


You only needed the top 12. That’s what I was asking for.


I don’t have many useful hundos, so only very few got powered up, only the top four ever saw any stardust…