Top 12 Dragons



You know i like my dragons.

Welcome all Dragon Tamers.

Post your Top 12 Dragons!




Those all the dragons you have?


Those are all the maxed out dragons I have, I’ve got dozens


Once i get over 1.5M dust ill be sure to invest in some of my others.

I also have a 100 rayquaza but i dont usually power up legendaries except my Mewtwo hmm.



You should forget saving dust and power up that Ray!


Do Pokemon that technically are dragons count? (Like Aerodactyl, gyarados, Charizard?)


I’d say anything that comes up when you search dragon


Might just have to. 1M was just a goal. Now i kinda like the number…KINDA🤔hmm i love seeing other people pokemon.

True Motivation, especially when it comes to Dragons.



Charizard should be dragon but i was going with what pops up when you search the word “Dragon”


Lugia doesn’t come up in the Dragon Search either.
Here’s my Top 12 by search. Top 6 are Maxed Out.


I’m loving this new CP reset.




Noticed that I got too many Alolan Exeggutor. Now professor Oak is making tropical smoothies.


This somehow looks wrong… I don’t know why… Maybe because I haven’t powered up a Salamance…



Haven’t invested much dust in any dragon types since maxing out the top 3…


This is funny since I only have 12 Dragons.


I have no intentions of keeping that second Latias. It’s there because I’m holding it for my husband who was unable to get one, but if it comes as a Research Breakthrough Reward, out it goes.