Too many Premium Raid Passes


Just wondering if anyone knows why we don’t have an option to delete premium raid passes if we want to? I have about 40 passes that ive obtained from purchasing boxes but I just dont have the time to complete very many raids. These take up room that i could otherwise use for something else. We have the ability to dump other items from purchases such as incense, lucky eggs, and lures but not raid passes.


Becouse they Dont use bag space, I think


I’m not really sure but I guess they do.


As far as I can tell they do use up bag space


Raid everythint you see


1 and 2 star raids for days


there will come moments where you want to do more raids on a day, Then you’ll regret throwing away those passes. There are way more and better things you can throw away if you need the space.


I’m Jealous


The first things I throw away are Nanab berries (if I don’t have a Pokemon in a gym to feed), then potions, then revives. If I had an abundance of raid passes, I’d just it level 1’s and 2’s, and any 3’s I could solo.


Trade you for some Machop or Geodude Candy :grinning: