Tired of hearing about Gen 4 News


OK so I would just like to acknowledge the fact that I’m sure there will be some that upon reading will disagree disagree with this factoring into the title alone, and that is completely fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I personally am tired of continuously hearing of supposed news regarding the release of gen 4. I’m not stating this because I possess disdain for gen 4 by any means, gen 4 is by far my definitive favorite Pokemon generation, but this factors into why I personally am tired of continuosly hearing of news stating it’s release. This is mostly due to the fact that whenever we receive news regarding the release of gen 4, it is more often then not, not true. For instance, during early August, we received news via the same person who leaked the Water Festival event, providing said person with some credibility, that there would be an upcoming gen 4 event, upon evaluating this, this seemed to be very promising, but this never occurred, sure in theory it is quite possible that Niantic is intentionally postponing this event essentially due to it being leaked, but the disappointment revolving around this factor alongside other instances of gen 4 being stated to be implemented soon to me justifies my impatience. I just as much as any person who is a fan of gen 4 is eagerly looking forward to the release of this particular generation and when it does happen to be implemented it would render all of the false leaks of gen 4’s realease worth the wait, but I am hoping that the next supposed instance of stating that gen 4 will soon be revealed actually holds true rather then being both annoyed and simultaneously disappointed when it happens not to be true and to wait throughout more instances of this occurring until it is finally implemented.


Kind of tired to…

Kind of obvious it will be released for Halloween and November


The longer the delay before release, just gives me more time to prepare. Doesn’t bother me at all.


And makes the wait for gen 5 shorter lol


The quicker we get gen 5, the quicker we can get THROUGH gen 5, and to gen 6. We can all agree, Gen 5 wasn’t the best gen.


Gen 6 may also bring Mega Evolution


Ironic… :stuck_out_tongue:


Gen 5 was the best gen though sorry if you dont like story and actual difficulty


The future is now thanks to science! Clemantic gear on!


Ah, Clemont, I somehow remember that unimportant guy


That would be repetition. Clemont said the exact same line every episode! The outcome was always predictable.


I mean from the games, I havent watched the anime in the past 6 years or so


Pokemon Lets GO may bring Mega Evolution :wink:




As for @Necrozmadabest, gen 5 isn’t a bad gen, it has many good pokemon.

gen 2 is the worst


It really factors into perspective and opinion as to which generation can be classified as the definitive worst, for instance in my opinion gen 7 is the worst mostly due to Ultra Sun and Moon