[TIPS] How do you name your Pokémon? What system do you use?


At the moment I use a system like this:


So my 89% Dragonite with moveset Dragon Tail/HyperBeam is named like this:


A shame we don’t have more space to name our Pokémon.

I wonder what system you use.

How do you name your Pokemon?

This for the ivs ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ ❻ ❼ ❽ ❾ ❿ ⓫ ⓬ ⓭ ⓮ ⓯

and this for the attack’s type
Normal :o:
Grass ❀
Water :umbrella:
Fire ㊋ :comet:
Ice :snowflake:
Electric :zap:
Psychic :yin_yang:
Ghost ᗝ
Flying :cloud:
Fighting :warning:
Rock ᨏ
Ground ⊕
Bug :wavy_dash:
Poison :radioactive: :biohazard:
Dragon ☬
Dark ☽
Steel :anchor:
Fairy :heart:


Implementing the ability to add (even short) notes to each individual pokemon would be great.

I name my defenders after the gyms they’re in, and my attackers I give actual names to. All others I name either their combined IVs (0 to 45) or their %/100.


Before their name I use characters to show what type their moveset is. For their charge move I use an exponent to show how many charges it has at 100%. After their name I use A or D for and attack or defensive moveset, or + if it’s both.


For my Pokémon I use this system 15-15-15 for the IV and for moveset
*=worst move
+=best move
~=average move


I use a 4 part system, the first part is the IV%, the second part is the highest IV(s), the third is the level of the pokemon, and the fourth is what is use them for in relation to gyms

My Gyarados is named 91H 30.5AD (91% perfect Best IV health LVL 30.5 and is used for attack and defence)
One of my Jolteons is 91DH 30.5 A (91% perfect Best IV health adn defence LVL 30.5 and is used for attack)

I like the move set idea, but i also like having the level in the name so i know how much stardust i have to put into a pokemon to level it up to 30/30.5 since that is the best to level up most pokemon without wasting too much stardust


Thanks all so far your posts.

The idea behind renaming my Pokémon is to know which one to choose when making up a team to fight a gym. When you select a Pokémon for your team you can’t see any details. So that’s why I want to have the moveset/type of attack in the name.

A psychic/psychic Exeggutor isn’t of much use against a Vaporeon while a grass/grass Exeggutor
is for example.

So I am thinking about leaving the dps part behind and have more space this way for moveset or type.


Pretty Simple compared to others


Vaporeon96GM - IV and Good Moves or Vaporeon96W - Water


The fodder I use 1 time to attack gyms before I transfer them I name & so I can get to them easily


I use this


I rename my pokemon when i put them in Gyms. Then i know where everybody is​:+1::+1:


Its good to know the moves, but for me i usually know the moves of the pokemon or only use pokemon with the best movesets


All mine have personal names like Ben, Phil and Smooty…which make it very difficult to transfer them when the time comes. :disappointed_relieved:


Thats actually a really good idea! :open_mouth:


hahahha getting attached to your pokemon :joy:


Yea know soo many people who have “lost” their pokemon to a gym they do not where is


this… plus ♾ for 100% IV Pokémons


i see disappointment in their eyes, as I press the transfer button. :point_down:t2: I’m a horrible person…:weary: Lol


Here’s a example of my naming. I normally use A, B, C or D initially (A being highest appraisal D being the lowest) then if needed, I get the IVs later and mark the percentage in place of the letter and add moveset.

I don’t see the point in labelling defenders or attackers…my defence consists of the highest CP mons (like most people) and my attackers vary depending on what typing I’m up against in a gym.


My worked up dopeness is cute names followed by IV. Stock amazing are labeled by initialed moveset, then IV.

Example a stock amazing Arcanine could be FF/WC 87 (fire fang, wild charge).

It works. I run into some problems with solar beam and sludge bomb on victreebell and a few others. But does the trick.


What keyboard do you use for those symbols? I wanted to use symbols but the stock Android ones don’t work the all.