Timer wont let me dodge in raids?


why is dodging even a thing in the game, when the timer wont let you dodge?
if ill waste time dodging instead of spamming attacks ill lose to timer.


Same, i have adjusted to just dodging once they do their charge move. My phon(iphone5s) is pretty slow so dodging is a time waster.


I never dodge.


This can let you conserve your best attacker(s), helping you out in the long run if you can do it properly


For me there is a bug so whenever you aren’t in green hp and u sucessfully dodge my mon dies and one of my other knocked out mons comes back, falls over in defeat, and then it freezes


[quote=“SnivyStar, post:5, topic:14445”]
my mom dies

Just to let you know :wink:


Oh, it’s supposed to say this :joy::sweat_smile:


Do you mean the dead one comes back out and dies again, if so i seen this, its as if i changed mon at 1hp switched to a full health mon then it went back to the 1 hp just to faint instantly.