Thoughts on Upcoming PVP



I really liked it! Especially the second charge move, but it does bring some concern. If movepools gets increased, and your second Charge Attack comes at random, it could be quite sometime until you get your desired moves.

I hope they get rid of the moves randomness for at least charge moves. They could work something like you use a Fast/Charged TM to pop a menu, and you pick your desired move. Wanna change again? Pop another TM.


As long as it doesn’t affect the way I played pre PvP I couldn’t care as I have no interest in PvP.


Movepool doesnt get increased I think


Now we can start working on the ace trainer badge again!


The second charge move is definitely an interesting dynamic.


I am wondering about the shield mechanism, also will there be a timer🤔( timer gives advantage of knowing when someone does an attack🧐)


I was wondering how the remote battles will work. We’d both have to be “online” at the same time. Will there be an indicator telling me who is available on my friend list?


Or you select it the same way as you do when its not remote, like trading


When nothing was announced, I didn’t expect that much from PvP, but now Niantic has announced what we can expect it sounds like it will be a great new function coming to the game. Really can’t wait to see it, honestly.


It looks like just a good old fashioned good time. I honestly hated battling in the core Pokemon Games since people take it so goddamn seriously. Hopefully it’s going to be a little more kickback than that.


Lol yeah, especially smogon players


Oh god, don’t even get me started. Smogon players are the worst. They’re the best at what they do, but god, tell them to chill out and they freak out.


I wonder if you can see what friends are online??