This update is the best one so far!


I can finally see my nearby pokestops from my house! The new update made our maps bigger, maybe you can see more stops or gyms nearby!


I can now see 19 gyms from my home :sweat_smile:


From what?
Is that better or worse (some people want to stay at the amount they have)


from 12. I dont mind it. Makes me able to spot more raids.


What number is that update? I don’t see anything different. My game’s version is 0.131.4.


Thats the one.


Don’t care for it too much where I work at there’s a stop that was just out of sight so my radar showed nothing spawned which was good when you used an incent it would randomly pull from the whole Pokedex now it does not


It’s nice that the map view got extended, my nearby now has 9 spawns on various stops


I can finally see one gym i couldnt see normaly




@Brobraam I’m impressed with your nearby 3 choices! I’d kill for a Magikarp to spawn on the map. My Go-tcha finds them once in a while, now I have to raid for them. Did you catch that poor Buneary in front of you? He looks sad.


I can see one more gym and 3 more pokestops from my home now. Maybe four. Not sure.