This could be devastating to player numbers if true


Just read the article. Also not that at the moment there is nothing to link Pokémon go to this incident and that it may not be affected at all


So more spoofers


Not necessarily, maybe just players on the west coast only being able to play properly for certain times a day. It’ll probably just say “failed to detect GPS location”


I imagine that only the area of Nevada and maybe small amount of California will be affected. I wonder what happens if someone spoofs over there


I would be surprised if this has much of an effect on anyone


What the heck is comicbooks, CLICKBAIT


This one looks more real, considering it’s from Nellis Air Force base itself


Yeah, but will it really affect the game?


Possibly, but even if it does it will only affect small areas of West America.


Okay, then i’m okay


As long as Niantic keep the servers up… please


Hopefully the game will improve for all