This censorship went too far I guess


Excuse me?


Thats awful Nianshit should save the world


Exactly :sweat_smile:


Tried to name my pokemon “Amerika” (dutch for America) to mark it for trade. Wasnt allowed :sweat_smile:


Wow, I don’t see that as being rude or offensive but there is a fairly big/strong Patriotic element in the USA that might find a miss spelling of America greatly offensive.


When you name a Pokémon Stupid or Crap it censors it XD


It wont accept Trash either.
I used to name the stuff for dumping in Gyms that go to the Professor upon return Trash so I could find them quick and easily. As I’d catch one better I’d rename the previous Trash.


Yeah they’re censor system is kinda… flawed…


It won’t let me name anymore of Pokemon “Penis”


If somebody gets offended by that then thats their problem, I also get offended when people write nonsense like “Tyranitars, Golems, Houndooms, Mewtwos” or god forbid, “Pokemons”


I had a jigglypuff that I tried to nickname 091jigglypuf to fit the IV in and it wouldn’t accept it. Tried removing 1 letter at a time and it eventually got accepted, but only once it was down to 091jig.


Dang it was looking forward to naming shiny beldum that @Cup @bobbyjack8


Then you could find out about the size of your Beldum


O god do you mean what I am thinking :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:


Well, the Mystic trainer checks it out and lets you know if it’s colossal! Or it’s the tiniest she’s ever seen.


I will name my shiny beldum @Cup. :rofl:


Hopefully the first :sweat_smile:


Captured a Lickitung with 93 IV the other day and tried to rename it “Lickitung93”, only to find that the string “lick” is rejected by their own profanity filters…


You could call it a Luckytoungue. Not sure most females would resist it.


That’s y your cool and that will be a strong Pokemon with that name