Things we want in Pokemon Go


TA is a pretty much useless idea, it would be a lot better to just move the raid times to what they were before (like 7AM-10PM I think?)

And booking raids is pointless as well, why not just raid during the weekends?


Umm it doesn’t seems like Niantic will not make any adjustment on the raiding times at any time soon. Therefore, time transition apparatus is useful (at least for now) and it can be used for capturing Pokemon as well.
For the point of booking raids, people who use this feature will be given double Pokeballs and capture rate.


Neither does it look like they will implement the TA anytime soon, but adjusting the raid times is simple, easy, and not confusing for the rest, and there isnt any time-exclusive Pokemon anyways

Giving people double the balls and double the catchrate (effectively making catching four times as easy) would be pretty much handing out the legendaries


Lunatone & Solrock are time exclusive Pokemon & regional exclusive Pokemon simultaneously. For your 2nd point, please keep in mind that booking service is offered with a quota (Maybe 10 trainers at most) and obtaining golden gym badge isn’t easy at all.


Solrock and Lunatone are not time exclusives, they just seem to be more common in day/night respectively

And maybe you should just get some bonus balls for that, because a 4* chance for capture is still ridiculous


Nice suggestions! Hope we see something of this


I want most in Pokemon Go, a way to get legendaries without anyone else with you. There are people in this game who had the worst possible outcome. They had enough players for legendary raids, but without coordination some of them quit the game, and now there are not enough even with coordination.


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