Things we want in Pokemon Go


I really just want the ability to purchase things like stardust. I use all of it up so ridiculously fast, but it seems so hard to come by even when I spend several hours at a time playing multiple times a week. The ability to buy something so useful would help a lot of trainers, and generate a lot more revenue for the company to keep up servers/purchase more, and help make updates of all kinds happen more easily.



Appraisal system with sentences is useless.

We can ask to developers of Pokémon GO to change it for IV, attack, defense and stamina valors.

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Thx for accepting my ideas. I’ll further explain the ideas on my articles. You may read them once my partner @Dinsara92 and I post the articles in this Forum.


I would like an update for minor text fixes Niantic if you read this then please

(Then release gen 3 - that would be nice too I suppose)


Trading is my one true dream for all things pokemon go


Three things i want:
1: Team Rocket!
They could battle One person like when u have lost a gym battle and They Will like take a pokeball or something.
2. All Shiny pokemons
3. Mega evolutions!


I want PvP to transform Pokémon GO in an Esports game, just like Clash Royale, with championships or cups and a ranking with the best player in the world


And trade of course❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


That will never happen, its a casual game for a reason
And you have VGC


I want

  1. Ability to switch teams (once per account like nickname)
  2. All Pokémon’s can be shiny
  3. A bunch more pokestops and gyms
  4. Trading and PVP


I want to be able to drop a pin where I start walking so I can find my way back in new areas.


y]You got quests and tm’s! What next!




Mega evoilutions weren’t introduced until gen 6 so probably we won’t see them for a while.




Another wave of my petty ideas

  1. Quests for regional based events
  2. Shiny Pokemon medal
  3. In-game outfit available after obtaining medals/ specific Pokemon
  4. Time transition apparatus
  5. Boosted exp for spinning gym with gym badge
  6. Pre-scheduling/booking service for legendary raids
  7. Notification for hatching eggs
  8. Minigames in quest form
  9. Available for requesting local community organised events without sponsorship
  10. Available for mapping out the places you’ve gone to in Pokemon GO which marks the time you travelled to those places (detecting spoofers/planning for doing raids)


Those four sound nice, but we need an alternative or update to the raid system, because it is extremely excluding to people who haven’t got enough players in their area.


@Yoshi - nice suggestions!

  1. In a manner this has already been introduced with the Global challenge and events such as Legendary week. But I understand you probably mean more regional / country specific quests or individual quests
  2. This would be great! Maybe even a left/right swipe on the Pokédex (like with your battle parties) to reveal a shiny Pokédex.
  3. Isn’t this already in game now?
  4. Not sure what you mean by this one
  5. Hmmmm. I think we get a fair amount of XP from stops, especially if you spin a gold gym as your first each day.
  6. This could raise issues with too many people booking in for raids, not turning up, spoofers taking spots from legit players etc. It is inconvenient sometimes to get to raids also, so physically being there at hatch is still a good way to do it IMO. Plus if known spoofers book in, I’d like the choice to not battle with them
  7. Or would be good to be notified they are hatching in 20/50/100m so you can put on a lucky egg & star piece
  8. 20 excellent throws then you win 5 great balls or a lure / incense. Catch 50 fire types in a day & you get a one time use super incubator / normal incubators
  9. I think this is better organised by the community themselves on Facebook / Discord like raid parties & EX raid groups are currently. Niantic doesn’t need to get involved in every event happening in every city only those they are organizing / sponsoring
  10. This is a great idea & they could build on the current geo-tagging system when you catch a Pokémon. It would be great if they could also align the “allowable” flight times between cities with real-time flight data. Apparently if you log off for 2hrs then back in again on the other side of the planet you don’t get flagged as a spoofer. If the flight takes 12hrs minimum then they should make sure in game is the same - they already do this but only look at people “planet hopping” if they appear in less than 2hrs


Thx for your support. I totally understand why you’re confused with point 4. Time transition apparatus is an item that allows you to switch your time from nighttime to daytime or vise versa. With the help of time transition apparatus, you may do raids at nighttime and capture nocturnal species like Lunatone at daytime in reality. It is supposed to be a rare item and can be hold only 1 in item bag every time. For point 6, I would like to say that some trainers may not be able to participate in legendary raids in working days. Therefore, they may have to book/schedule the legendary raid beforehand. Also, only the trainers who’ve got a golden gym badge are available for this feature. The amount of trainers may be under control with the help of ‘quota’ as well. For point 3, I mean the outfit would showcase the Pokemon/medal design. They may add bonuses for real use.