Things I would love to see


I would love to see: Jason (Hockey mask) Pikachu next Halloween, not another witches hat one :roll_eyes: I would love to see an elf hat Pikachu at Christmas instead of Santa hat again, or how about Stantler with a Rudolph nose? It’s at the point that once I gold my pikachu badge I’ll probably never bother with another pikachu again unless it’s something new and different.


i think this deserves a twitter action, just like they did with squirtle squad.
Make noise and they might hear you. GoHub will not suffice i’m affraid.
++ for new special catches!


Thanks @Punica!! I don’t have Twitter though (I’m old lol) but if anyone who reads this wants to start it?? I don’t care if whoever takes credit, I just never want to see another witches hat or santa hat Pikachu ever again lol :rofl:


i have no twitter aswell. I can’t even come up with a good ## to start this :smile:


Lmao!! Someone on here must have twitter!! Mmmm, #howcool?? #Niantic-justdoit! lol :rofl::joy:


I want Eevee to get a hat!


Party hat Weedil




I can do it


Or Lapras with a christmas hat


You should do it!! I can’t because no twitter but if you can you should :smile:


That would be cool
Lap ras lap lap ras lap lapras