The ultimate prankster


Thought I was catching Pokemon I needed candy for then they turned into this.
Edit: the current ditto count for me now is seven.


I too have gotten a few Ditto today, but I don’t need them, except for the Croagunk Research tasks.


Yup. Caught a bunch of Ditto today.


High flee rate on the purple blob


If you encounter it in the wild and it despawns while you’re busy catching other Pokémon or raiding, does that count as a Seen but not Caught? Or does it only do that for the first encounter?

(I have had several Pokémon show “Seen 1 Caught 0” when I didn’t recall encountering one yet, and several show that when I clearly recall seeing them, but only once, defending a gym.)


I wouldn’t think it counts but can’t be sure to conclusively rule it out.


Last night was the worst – I tried catching everything I saw and succeeded in catching several dozen (with only a few fleeing), and it seemed like nearly half of them wound up being Ditto. From Sudowoodo to Voltorb to Foongus … seemed like even the Weedles, Ledybas and Hoppips were Dittos.

And I just KNOW that if I got a “Catch 3 Dittos” research task, I wouldn’t see another Ditto for over a week. :smirk::laughing:

[edited to fix “Ledybugs” to “Ledybas”]


If you mean you “encounter” it at your catch screen but you fail to catch it, that counts as 1 more seen but 0 more caught.

If you see some Pokémon in the gym but you don’t have them in your dex, those count as seen too.


Thanks. That has a scent of truth to it. My description was middle-aged-fuzzy-memory of anecdotal experiences, at best.

Joke was on me – 8 more Dittos in an hour of play tonight. :laughing:


Are you sure? Because Sudowoodo can’t be a Ditto.


That’s what I thought, too. I only recall it happening once, though; so it’s possible I am mistaken. But I recall being very unpleasantly surprised.


That’s odd. I also have had a Ditto run away but it counted as a Voltorb that ran away, not as a Ditto.


I’ve just caught my 100th Ditto! :100: And I have 100% catch rate! :100:


It doesn’t turn into a Ditto until after you catch it.


That’s interesting @bobbyjack8.
So how do I get such a busted number in my screen shot above?
I just figured it was due to my Go Plus catch fails as Ditto often takes serval balls.


It has to mean when we encounter a Ditto, the “seen” counter is incremented for Ditto, not what it is pretending to be.


I don’t use a GoPlus