The Shiny Alphabet


This is the Summary of the Shiny Alphabet-Threads.
Once a letter is completed and a new letter is started, the finished one will be moved here.


I like shinies! You like shinies!! We all like shinies!!!
Post your shiny Pokémon beginning with the letter ‘A’.
That’s any or all of your Absols, Arons, Aerodactyls, Arcanines, etc. etc.

Include the story of the catch/hatch if you like…
If you’re playing in any language other than English feel free to include your differently named critter too.

(We could make a thread for every letter if this thread gets a few replies…)


After months of fruitless Swablu shiny-hunting I caught 2 in a single afternoon - that was in late January 2019… haven’t seen another since.


Don’t remember story behind this one. Just a random shiny Aron I think.


Took me about hundred Aerodactyl before I finally found the more purple one.

Just found out I don’t have a Shiny Pokémon starting with ‘N’, ‘O’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’.



Sheep evolve into dragons? Who knew?!?
This fella is just Community Day trash… but he’s a nice colour :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s my Shiny “A’s”
2 make the list because of my Naming system.
I did ok with the Aerodactyl with 3 of them coming from quests and were in very close succession. The other was a wild catch.
One of the quest ones was powered up just short of 1500 for leaving in Gyms. Rate of decay increases rapidly after 1500cp.
I do this with a lot of my Shiny as they can stay for hours and are still 3 battled to out them as opposed to monster cp 1 battle and out after 2-3hrs of in time. Make them earn it a bit more through more time required to knock a Gym down.
The Arcanine is used to put in Dog Park Gyms along with other Dogs I have for the same.