The regional problem


I want to finish Gen 1. I was at 148/151 yesterday morning and Mew bumped me up to 149. I will get articuno on 5/6/18 but i still need one more. Tauros. Seriously niantic, put it worldwide for a bit…

Corsola in Europe

I’m at 147… Articuno, Tauros, Kangaskhan and…
the incredible Snorlax… he doesn’t like me, no way to get him. :disappointed_relieved:


I would give you like 4 of mine - i transfered 8 yeaterday during mass transfer. I have too many… soon though.


Many thanks, still waiting that the marketplace will open…


Missing Tauros, Kangaskhan and that stupid Mewtwo

Perhaps Global Catch Challenge 2018 rewards Tauros worldwide for 48hrs…


I have a better idea: keep regionals, but do more events
I mean, adventure week would be perfect for Tauros, maybe put a challenge like “hatch 10 million eggs worldwide to unlock Tauros”


I also need articuno and Tauros


Me articuno kanskan tauros cant wait trading


We will probably get Kangastahn through an event like we did with Farfetched. I think Mr. Mime has a baby version in next Gen.


Mime will probably get released worldwide and we will get a new regional
Pachirisu? Smeargle?


150, Tauros missing


From gen 1 only missing tauros too. I have Kangashkan because I went to the Safari Zone event last year.


I need Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan

Don’t think I’ll ever get them unless they do something like what they did with farfetched


150, missing Kangaskhan


Mr mime everyone will next year


Let’s hope…
Or maybe not


Yes let’s hope and then they bring us a new regional


Or perhaps regional eggs with Mime Jr. but honestly I don’t think so

Still waiting for trading though, to get the others.


No kangaskhan I don’t care about tauros


Regional eggs would be horrible