The race to find the perfect regional


So I’ve recently started setting myself a little goal. As we all know, 100 IV Pokemon are the most sought after, even the ones that aren’t meta relevant. And as a collector of them, one on the top of my list is a 100 IV Mr. Mime, as it is the only European exclusive Pokemon. For me it would just be a cool collectors item to have and show off if I did some travelling.

So my idea to keep this project interesting: A race among us all to find a 100 IV regional Pokemon first.

Anyone can participate, just collect as many of your regional as possible and see who gets a perfect IV first. All we’d have to do is post a screenshot with the date of capture.

I know that none of the regionals are very good for battle, but I just thought it would be a fun idea to get everyone competing. Let’s see who finds that magic IV first!

Note: This is the best I’ve done so far…


This isn’t my regional, but I got it during the Global Catch Challenge


A very good idea, but you have not put your capture date…
I have a 89% as well as my best, but I don’t know if I have catched him before or later.



But it’s more about starting from now





I know some people will already have one, but we’ll try see who can get a new one starting today.


No problem at all… so here comes myone… in spanish version the date is from 10 of february

Let’s see if someone has a better one



When did you catch it?


I’m not sure, I may or may not have accidentally transferred it…




Very well done, but with that the race for me has finished… now I have to find one for my collection.


Thanks, I wish you all luck in your hunting! :slight_smile:


I have just had reports that there is a mr mime in my town with 100% rush to car now


But it could be a worse IV one for you…


But I understand him. At least he has to try it…


That’s true.


In level 40 same for that person. It fled