The quests on feebas day!



Finally out, here’s the quests:
Feebas Research: Earn 1 Buddy Candy
Feebas Research: Hatch 1 Egg
Feebas Research: Make {0} Great Throws
Feebas Research: Make {0} Nice Throws


I’m happy with these.


Yeah, they are not that time consuming to complete. But I was wondering that if I will be allowed to get 1 Feebas quest at one time, instead of all 3 at one time


I assume it will be three at a time… just like the other cd’s


That is what I thought too


Hatch 1 egg might be difficult because I only have 10 km and 7 km eggs.


Does anybody know what time the event will start for USA Central Time please


Like normal CD hour, I believe it’s 1pm-4pm for you


You sure about that



It’s the same times of cd


Ours too, same time with CD!


Don’t forget!!!


Thank all