The One True Power Up


Do you already have yours Trainers?

Don’t forget to take one before you start your daily exploration :grinning:


:joy: got me. Dangit


Ha, I thought the Professor was only making Smoothies from our returns. Must have expanded to making Noodles from them or are our Pokémon turned into the Flavoured Powder sachets :grinning:


:heart_eyes: in Japan only?


He is building a new bussiness.
Government has experimented on 100 million pidgey and came to the conclusion that they could be made into noodles.
Now we eat bird soup.


Shouldn’t Magikarp soup better?


I mean pidgey soup would probably taste like a more gamey version of chicken soup :woman_shrugging:t2: you like fish soup?? :grimacing:


Pidgey soup for sure is better than Rattata soup :sweat_smile:


Or Grimer/Muk soup :nauseated_face:


Or Porygon soup :nauseated_face:


You should try Eevee soup then…

If you want some variation, you could up it to Flareon soup if you want it hot, Jolteon soup for additional zing, or a Vaporeon soup if you want it cold.

You can also try Espeon soup but available only during day time and the Umbreon soup at night. Leafeon soup are for the vegetarians, Glaceon soup if you want it frozen and Sylveon soup are for special order and you have to be charming cute to avail one. :joy:


Looks like Japan is the Land of the Pokemons… :grin:


I was stationed in Okinawa when Pokemon first came out in late 90’s. Never would I have thought my son would get me interested in this game.


Yes indeed, it’s the origin of Pokémon


never eat meowth or growlithe soup

also don’t try squirtle soup unless you have no teeth already, teeth will fall off…


Haha, it looks like a competition among what Kanto Pokémon to make the worst soup, :thinking:


Ditto soup will taste however you want it
Mew soup will taste like all the soups


And you can also try Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, etc. for an appetizer soup… :grin:


@bobbyjack8 Are you a serviceman? Have you been stationed also in the Philippines before?


Did anyone notice that soup is on a keyboard?