The Non-Shiny Challenge



The Non-Shiny Challenge.
So far I have clicked on 560 Swablu and I do not have a shiny.
Who has the most seen on a possible shiny Pokemon without actually getting one?
I want to see if there is anyone who has it worse than 560…

The shiny challenge

I had seen 7 before the shiny was released, so 702 without a shiny.



Not as much, but im getting there



Can’t do pic but 390 Aron
590 poochena
40 swablu
390 magikarp
1 shiny magikarp during water event 190 magikarp after


It took me 1400 magikarp to get s shiny. 1400!!!


648 swablu and no shiny



There is still (a little) hope:


What you call ‘hope’…
If that’s my future, I stop hunting shinies (not with PoGo I like it too much)…


I thought I was doing bad on not catching a Swablu until I saw some of your posts. Now I don’t feel so bad.


and I thought I was un-lucky… my numbers are half of this…


I still had some hope with the increased Magikarp spawns, but today is the last day and I still haven’t found it…


Same. Same with Wailmer…

Somewhere in the future… Maybe I see it…

Maybe not…
Can’t wait for that moment!


Caught over 250 wailmers this event and still no shiny… A friend of mine clicked on the first wailmer at his house spawn and directly got a shiny 🤦


Magikarp: took 16 months to catch my first shiny, now I have 2 (seen 842)
Wailmer: seen 276, 0 shiny
Lugia: seen 29, 0 shiny
Poochyena: seen 344, 0 shiny



This event really sucks. Got none of the shinies at all. (I had two Aerodactyl before btw) Who van beat me?


I’m most likely going to miss Ho-Oh. It’s the last day of Ho-Oh raids for me and I can’t do them since I came out of hospital on Monday.