The next community day event Pokemon

  • Exeggcute
  • Growlithe
  • Smeargle
  • Slowpoke
  • Magikarp
  • Other

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Also, based on the last Community day event we should find out what Pokémon it is within 48 hours of the event finishing


I’m hoping/guessing on Eevee, Chansey (since that was a complete failure during Valentine), Snorlax or Larvitar.


If its smeargle boost him to at least a max cp of 1900


If by that time they’ll have finally figured out some game mechanics that will allow Smeargle to function properly with the rest of the already available Pokémons. But I hope they don’t use such an event to release a currently unreleased Pokémon. It will ruin the excitement of racing friends to find that special 100% (or at least 90%+) awesome one, since they’ll be all over the place.


Or, they can just give him multiple fast/charge moves


My best guesses are eevee or charmander because they’re both fam favorites with good shiny evolutions


Slakoth would be a good idea!


In all honesty there is not a whole lot of useful desirable options for the masses with singular Pokemon apart from maybe Larvitar, Beldum and Bagon.
The alternative would be mutiple Pokemon like perhaps Gen Starters Bullbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle or the equivelent in Gen 2 and Gen 3.
The Eeevee Family with Eeevee and all of it’s evolutions available for catch.


They might do Wailmer or one of the 400 candy Pokemon


I think that mareep would be good


Not eevee because its too common.


But it would mean that there would be 6 new shiny Pokemon which would be worth it


And on top of that, 2 more Shiny Eevees everybody would want to stock up on for 2 future Eevolves.


I think Eevee would be a great idea for Community Day!


Aaaaaand its the worst starter of Gen 1, Bulbasaur, why not Charmander, Charizard has one of the best shinies of gen 1!


Shiny Ampharos is cool, plus Mareep is super rare where I am, I’ve only seen 4 in the wild, and Ampharos was one of the last gen 2 Pokémon I got


Stock up on Razz’s and Great/Ultra balls as the green turds going to eat a lot of them unless they alter the usual catch rate.


I’m not gonna bother catching them unless they’re shiny, since I have a 100% maxed out Venusaur and 200 spare candy