The mysterious disappearance of Probopass ( INVESTIGATION DONE )



I dont know about you guys, but it seems a bit weird that Probopass ( Nosy Boy ) still hasnt been seen in the world of Pokemon GO. Anyone here has a theory on this ?

( Last known photo taken of Probopass )


Magnezone, Glaceon, and Leafeon as well.

Apologies to Probopass fans, but I really hope there isn’t a special event revolving around it. lol


I didnt know those were also missing too, hopefully they will all come in one big event.


I hope, though I think the Eeveelutions will have their own thing.


There hasn’t been a normal gen 4 wave in a while either


Yeah, this is the longest we’ve gone with so much of a gen remaining.


I fear it will be even longer for a new one.


I think they’re all coming from go Fest


I datamined on found this:



With his signature move ‘Tickling Mustache’.




No one nose where he is lol


He is going to give out mustache rides.


I’ll pass on that


Elite hacker


Why pass? Probospass has a mario look a like mustache, its a once in a life time experience.


Not my cup of tea bro you can have my turn


Still never sent me your friend code bro




Thanks for the recon, @iLikeCastform. I’ve got zero interest in a Nosepass day. (The only reason I even try to catch 'em at all is the hundred stardust.)