The most annoying Pokemon to evolve


Porygon has 2 stages of evolution. For the 1st time, we need an up-grade with 50 candies to evolve it. For the 2nd time, we will also need an evolution item (Dubious Disk) with 100 candies to evolve it. I could only be exhausted to get PorygonZ.


Imagine, I have now 7 (in words seven) upgrades, but I still have 0 (in words zero) Porygon…
As much as I would like to run hundreds of kilometers with Porygon as companion, I can’t do it… :crying_cat_face:


I believe all starters and larvitar-like pokemons are most annoying. Starters are so hard to be found in my city, larvitar even worser. Only one time popped in nearby during adventure event, but yea, porygon is nightmare. I have candies but i still can’t get Up-grade :triumph:


Can you imagine the difficulty of getting 2 different evolution items with a Pokemon like Porygon ?


I have 2 sun-stones, 6 king-rocks, 5 metal??? (don’t know how they called in english), 4 dragon-scales and 7 upgrades. Really (at least for me) they are too frequent, because I don’t find reason to use them.


Anything you want to evolve and don’t have enough candy for is annoying.

For me the most annoying has been Vaporeon. Not only was I continually getting good for nothing Flareon and Jolteon’s but whe I did get a Vaporeon I had to take pot luck with the 2 unwanted move sets.


Sometimes I think they do it intentionally, jijiji


The Clamperl family will be the 2nd Pokemon family that require 2 evolution items.


Funnily enough, Sandshrew was the worst for me. I never (to this day) have caught one wild.


Unfortunately I haven’t got any Dragon Scale until now.


Porygon is hatching like crazy from 10k eggs right now. I’ve never seen one in the wild but have hatched several out of eggs.


I think I’ve seen the last 10 km egg 3 month ago, here I only get 2 and 5er.
Some time ago I’ve tried something published in some place (evolving three electrics before hatching to force Porygon), but it hasn’t worked.


If the whole evolution feature is implemented into Pokemon GO, we’re unlikely to fill the pokedex with 802 Pokemon entries (gen 1-7)


And I have the Up-Grade but not the candies


And not the space… because allways you let some species waiting if there will come better ones.

In this moments I have 1350 of 1400, and continouisly fighting who has to go, and who can stay.
It’s a trouble, and with every generation the problem will augment.



I have 35 100⑮⑮⑮ Pokémon :grinning:


How I would like to say the same…


I’m just waiting for squirtle, most likely the community day pokemon in July


Bagon because I’m still waiting for a better than 93% to pull the pin.
I’m sick of hatching 84-87%


No Squirtles by there? It’s not that they are frecuent here, but getting a Feraligatr is not soo dificult. Just some time ago I have catched one in the wild.