The limit on Pokémon storage raised to 2,500



Yes, I saw it. I know where to spend PokeCoins on again!


Hallelujah! :pray:


Lovely. And what about Item Storage? That’s what I really need.


Just 17 coins short to get to 2000.


So I’ll be spending coins on storage for a little while I guess.


Does it mean gen 5 is looming?


The family member accts will welcome the extra storage as they like to keep one of each then add all the Shiny, multiple 100s, things for trading and multiple meta relevant for Raiding.
I on the other hand only keep final evolutions unless it’s what I listed above so have around 400 spaces spare.
Extra items storage would help greatly as it’s become clear doing Team R battles is very punishing on health items I previously threw out to give more ball space running a Go Plus a lot.


This. I don’t want to have to sacrifice more of my other reserves to keep more health restoration and resuscitation items.


I have had my collection at something from 1950 to 1980 Pokémon for a long time and only last week cleared out a bit more. I have had 100 free spaces before shadow and purified Pokémon dropped, 100 was a huge number for me and I was back down to 80 again. I’m glad I don’t necessarily have to transfer everything right away any more. I won’t max out my storage at once, though, but I will increase as I need it. (Community days? Rayquaza raids? Maybe Gen5?)

I like that they are listening, but we really need a better organized Pokémon box. I’m not sure what this might look like, maybe some kind of archive or a trading box,… I know the search is improving with every version and that Pokémon Home has been announced, where we can transfer them to… But as far as I know, we won’t be able to get them back from there…

The best (and probably easiest to implement, sorry… I’m a developer myself :blush:) thing I could think of is a kind of tagging system. You can define tags (let’s say “trading”, “defenders”,…) and apply them to Pokémon. Then you can either choose to see your whole Pokémon box or just those with a certain tag and maybe an option for untagged.


Great, now I can store the next 10 generations of Pokémon


Super new, no need to make space now.

TweakBox word counter Tutuapp


It’s very welcome since I’ll be traveling to Japan soon… :grin:


Nearly doubling our capacity for Pokémon is definitely helpful, especially during events that involve lots of catching in limited time. (No need to take 10-minute timeouts every hour or so in order to make room for one more catch.)

The number of different items to keep doesn’t keep increasing the way the number of Pokémon do with new-generation releases. But they have increased a little, and it seems fitting to me that we should see a moderate increase in item capacity. (How about another 50%?)


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