The Kanto Event


I am concerned about the kanto event. I think it will be good, but I will be on holiday in an excessively rural area. I checked sites such as gymhuntr and pokehuntr and it appears there are no spawns for 20-30 miles… hopefully I can still take full advantage. P.S more pokemon go players now live in my town, so i can beat raids :smiley:


Gym hunter and all other maps are down so they are not working that is why they are saying no spawns


What event are you talkin about


Didn’t you read it on ?


April 10 is the start of some “Kanto event”. What it involves is not officially known yet, but the highest suspect is a release of many Gen 1 shinies.

Though I still hope for Unown spawns worldwide spelling K A N T O. Both to get some Unowns myself, and to make the spoofers feel less special about their Unown collection.


Do you really think? That Niantic is going to let some Unown appear more frequently worldwide? I don’t think so. And btw Unown is a Johto Pokémon so that’s a second reason I can predict that’s not going to happen.


Well they could release Unowns with any other rewards


UNown is John to region


Oh god all the people complaining about “shadow bans” and no shinies…


Can I catch kankgaskan and mr .mime for Kano live event for gen 1 double candy


I already said that


And I’ve said it too


My kids have pretty much caught up with me now because of Kanto event. They both have everything now except Regionals and Legendaries.


The event has officially ended, so we don’t need to discuss it anymore