The hardest collection to complete


Ever since they first came out, Legacy moves have always been something i’ve been interested in collecting. The problem, and why they’re so rare, is that you have no clue which move on what Pokémon will be legacy. As such, most of this collection is pure luck.
The name layout is:
Legacy, then the IV, then if it’s the Quick or Charge move as a legacy.
The pictures are of my collection, and my favourite Legacy. Do any of you guys have any legacy Pokémon?

The Porygon is special as it’s 100%, and both moves are Legacy.


Thats very cool, but why do you have 3 Gyarados with Dragon Tail? Isnt one enough?


I evolved them, and never got around to changing the moves on any of them. Don’t really know why, but i’m kind of glad I didn’t use a TM on them.


i know that i can sound retarded but what is a legacy moveset


A legacy move is a move that has been removed from a particular Pokemon’s move-pool. In other words, it’s a move that a given Pokémon can no longer learn.


Got a couple of legacy movesets (stopped because there’s too many to fit in one pic!)


You win, hands down. That’s ridiculous, I count 58 Pokemon there.


77 total but that Balzekin is one I’ll now never get! Nice one!


This is a great topic I have been a high iv legacy hoarder since day 1 have only caught 42 thousand Pokémon but I liked the surprise factor in gyms early on and kept around 200-300 legacy Pokémon there are a ton of dups though like confusion eggexcute I saved 10 of them and dragon pulse garydose like 8 lapras 10 but I didn’t get rock throw omastar so mad I kept getting water gun but I do have 7 rock slide omastar I have had to delete a lot of seaking legacy Pokémon and the 20 zenheadbut eggexcuter I have changed like 7 to seed Bomb , sounds crazy but live on the water and like 3 bioms are around me I think , and yes I have evolved at least 20 gyardose and 30 eggs crazy but true I love dragon breath dragon claw dragonite only got 1 but he sits at 3500 something cp only 1 though