The Brave onyx, my fan - art about Pokémon

It is a pleasure to participate in the forum and have the opportunity to make friends with common tastes to my, I am student work with webdesign, fan of pokemon and I very much sympathized with the forum. I would like to present IF POSIBLE my drawing of Pokémon: The Brave Onyx , I used simple materials but I put colors and revision, I hope you like it.
Feel free to post your drawings and I would like to talk more about the character it pays to use in pokemon games, I’m not much of pokemon rock, I prefer more grass through infinite life and high regeneration :slight_smile: but this onyx loves water

I put in video of speed art to demonstrate the step by step of how to draw, in my youtube channel of drawings of pokémon

A hug to everyone
ro mix

speed art full draw



I love it… I`m not really a fan of art, but what you have done is a really good work.

I enjoy what you have done, and I would apreciate to here more from you.