The Azores Islands in the Atlantic are getting their Zapdos and Articuno Days, finally


Whilst I don’t live there, this is a victory for a community affected by an oversight by niantic.


While i agree Niantic do need to be more aware of these places in the future is a weeks worth of Zapdos/Articuno really suitable compensation? That’s 28 times more time than everywhere else got for these pokémon. Also it will only attract spoofers to the area which i’m sure the locals won’t be pleased with. In short giving them their legendary days was necessary but a whole week wasn’t IMO


Well, they have to spawn first like regular bosses, unlike the 3 hour raids we had

But yes the spoofers are an issue that would be an issue regardless


Yay! I’m happy for the large player base that is there. I’m in Nashville now!


Really glad to hear this, read a post a while back about them missing their articuno day and felt awful for the people there. Hopefully they’ll sort their peculiar raid times and spawns a whole there too.


Ya i feel bad, it’s a giant player base and it’s awful for them to be excluded.


At least it’s a good sign niantic are being responsive to reports from communities like these.


Ya, also with squirtle CD