Thanksgiving Event!


Any idea what we will get…didn’t we get double XP last year?? I have seen the rumors about Ho-oh…does anyone have any real evidence??

Thanksgiving event?

No, but still dreaming is the most beautiful in this game…


You know what I want for thanksgiving: 4x anything in game, to say thanks to us for putting up with their incompetence for this long.


Hahahahaha, a very good idea, a recompensation… well, normally the enterprises don’t think this way, but who knows? Maybe this time Niantic thinks our way…


i think on the last day of the thanksgiving event (Nov.30) we’re gonna get a video trailer for gen 3 and it will come on december 1st



That’s some hardcore clickbait right there. <3 </ end-sarcasm >


Probably Double XP + Double Pokestop Item Drop + 6 hour Lure + Increase Spawn + Sale Box include Super Incubator, Lucky Egg in all boxes.


It’s understandable to introduce Thanksgiving event as it’s a American Festival. But wouldn’t it be a event similar or exactly the same type of event to Valentine’s Day event?

If I’m true, Niantic will introduce gen 3 right after Thanksgiving event.


hoping for ho-oh release during this event and i agree hoping gen 3 gets release after the event. game is very stale. i just want something new.


Need to eat some Delibird for Thanksgiving.


Yeah Delibird will distribute gifts to us. Wait what? Delibird isn’t Santa Claus in Christmas event?


Han confirmado ya este evento? He visto muchas imagenes del mismo… Y en teoria volverian las aves legendarias para todos

(Have you confirmed this event yet? I have seen many images of it … And in theory the legendary birds would return for all)