Thanks everyone, for the three thousand likes received!


I hit 3k likes today! Thanks everyone so much for this, all your posts are awesome. :wink:

First ever person to get it.


Good job buddy


I have a friend I do raids with who is Laprasboss23.


I think to myself, she might be your Mom.


How cool would that be?


That would be cool, (I have a fan probably) !! @bobbyjack8 does your friend know me on go hub


I totally posted you on our Discord in case you were her long lost son, but here she is. She could totally be both our Moms BTW, but she is awesome.


Whoa she is a pro player if she is my mom!


She has both Valor and Mystic accounts which I think are both at Level 40. Crazy to me because I’ve been playing for over 2 years now and I’m still Level 39. But I’ve met her IRL, and she is awesome.


Don’t you raid with her? Lets stay on topic tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I raid with her. She went out of her way to make sure my son got both her friend codes. She is actually why I changed my opinion on why one person has 2 different team affiliations.


You should thanks me @Pokemon for 534 likes


I think I posted Pokemon on my local Discord so she could see if that was her kid or not.


I thank @coolguy761 for 534 likes he is awesome !


She has not claimed you yet, but if she is a cool person if she was your mom.


If she was my mom I wouldn’t be level 35 :crazy_face:


I actually offered to walk my son’s Eevees while I was at work, but he didn’t want me to.


At least my Mom has no clue what a Pokemon is. I brought my parents on vacation this year. They didn’t understand why I kept stopping car to fight fictional monsters.

  • fictional pokect monsters :stuck_out_tongue:


Brought my dogs on vacation this year. Every time I referred to Pokemon, my parents thought I was talking about my dogs. Only my kids knew what I was referring to. Even my wife just thought I was drunk.