Thank you forum users


After reading about the mayhem from upset players on the Silph Road subreddit group, I want to thank everyone for keeping the discourse constructive. I think everyone here is disappointed and upset at the lack of anniversary event, but I think @apavlinovic and all the moderators appreciate how civil things are here on these forums.
Since launch I am aware of only one forum member who has required moderator’s intervention, and I think all the moderators appreciate how friendly and respectful everyone has been, with not only the anniversary event but also in the day to day posts.
Good luck on your continued pokemon adventures and thanks for your participation in the forums! I look forward to reading more interesting discussions and watching the forums grow.


Awww come on! One member had to ruin our perfect clean streak! LOL. It’s all good.
The anniversary event was pretty bad, but nothing will make me stop playing the game or getting salty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Many thanks to all of the leaders to give us such a nice and clean place.


Thank you for having such a wonderful conversation! Carry on!


Some years ago I was very active in Facebook, but after two years I was very tired and sad, because of continuous intrusions of people who where trying to gain your atention only for gaining money, or likes, or high numbers of “friends”.

The best here is, that we are still free of this type of people. You have a question, and shure in a very short time someone answers. And without awaiting more than a “Thanks”.

Many “Thanks” for this to everybody, and hoping that it will not change.


Love it on here, BTW how can I post pictures on here using a I Phone 7?


Try to create a topic about this problem in part of “Support” of the Forum. I,m shure someone can tell you. I never have used a an IPhone, allways Android…


With the release of Gym raids so recently, I’m guessing Trainers may have forgotten the number of Machamp, Snorlax & Tyranitars that are now available if you can work together to beat them. Not participating in too many raids (yes I’ve bought premium passes though) I’ve racked up over 22 good IV raid bosses since their release. And the best bit is we get to try one raid every day for free!
It wasn’t that long ago most people were complaining about rare spawns & the lack of frequency.
Legendaires are coming soon but a little patience never hurts. Stack the Golden razzberries, rare candy, stardust & XP until the next big thing drops.