[TEAM]Team Mystic



for me it is all true


the mystic describes me perfectly


I’m pretty sure no Instinct or Valor player is/do that all @blue_pikachu.


My son chose Mystic when first starting the game but I kept playing on the account. Now my kids each have their own account but if they would want me to put them in gyms, they had to choose Mystic.


For me its true!
Did they base it on me or something?


all very true


The team Mystic actually describes my son, but I fit into the Team Valor description which is what I would have picked if my son was not playing the game at the time.


Weird none of that describes me




I’m totally Team Valor, my son matches the description for Team Mystic, and my daughter fits the profile for Team Instinct. My son enjoyed reading this post.




why is your profile pic team valor


Only thing that apply to me is the high cp thing. Tho I’m geussing this was made in the early days of the game but as a whole of communities in my area some of that’s pretty true XD




Good luck getting to 40!


Thanks, should do by the begining/mid of July I think, not in a rush really :grin:


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Thanks for the add who ever this is


Team mystic :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


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