[TEAM]Team Mystic



Greetings, fellow Mystic trainers! Fighting the evils of team Valor since launch! (My favorite pokemon is my buddy!)



Dadeland miami mystic player here. Holla!


I’m team Mystic! :slight_smile:


I’m Mystic because my son chose my team. He likes blue. I would have chose red. Good thing I didn’t because most players in my town are red. Being blue or yellow here gives you lots of options to do battles. I bet most red players here have trouble finding gyms to join because they are already full. I would think a lot stagnate and they never get coins. Sometimes I hit my 50 coin limit before I even wake up. The town I work in is mostly Mystic. I have trouble finding a gym to join because they are all full. The gym near my house keeps getting contested so I have never not gotten 50 coins since the new gym rework went into effect.



Rise up frost Queen for the other teams run in fear
For The Frost Queen is here


Not very originally we got there


Myself, the Wife and Daughter all Mystic.
Pic from my all time favorite game but it’s blue and ice.


Team Mystic here too. Although I chose it because my daughter told me to.


Mystic here from Portugal lv 39!


Mystic here from Porto, Portugal…


Winter is Coming = Team Mystic. That all I gotta say. @Booster


Greetings from downtown Mankato, Minnesota. Winter’s here: forecast (air temperature) afternoon high tomorrow of -6°F, with Arctic WNW winds driving it down to an effective thirty or forty below, maybe more. (We’re not expecting to break zero at all until pretty well into next year.)

Fortunately there are two or three gyms in safe-ish walking distance, meaning I can reach them and make it back home before hypothermia sets in, assuming I don’t get caught in a snow drift, slip and fall on the ice, or get hit by a car. Heck – I’m glad just to have a reason to leave the house each day, however briefly.


Happy New Year team Mystic, I would love to see this site become active like the other team sites. I was wondering if anyone could explain the gym gold icons. What’s the benefit of getting a gym to gold?


Increases your number of drop items when spinning the disc.
Very much worth it for ones close to where you play for refilling the bag quicker.


Just started my own account on Christmas Day when I got a phone. I hit Level 22 yesterday after catching Groudon.


Should I even be reading this as im on team Valor… oh well GO team mystic! Even though I have sadly gotten less balls to capture legendaries because of team mystic…



Hello my fellow Mystics!