[TEAM]Team Mystic



stay strong MYSTIC members


Team forums would be awesome. +1 mystic here.


Mystic from Portugal here! Hello everyone


Hi everyone! Team Mystic from Philippines here.


Yo :+1:


Hi there you all!! Mystic blue from México City. Frost Queen forever!! He he he Have a nice first da if event



Team Mystic FTW! Articuno :blue_heart::blue_heart: Representing Delaware, East Coast USA. Blood War with Team Valor 24/7


Greetings from a Mystic Holland!


Hej from Sweden!!!


Based in London! I hope this summer brings people out again and more social interactions come!!!


Hello From Belgium , mystic forever


homiesssssssss you know how we do


i feel like team Valor is the only active forum thread LOL


Team Mystic are the chill type.


i guess we let the gym control do the talking for us LOL





Mystic is the 'coolest!'
Repping team Mystic in London!


I started the game last July playing with my son. Actually had to upgrade my phone to be able to play the game. He got me interested in it and I kind of took over. He started playing the regular Pokemon games on his 3DS, so it wasn’t a big deal that I took over PGO on my own phone. Before I took over from him, he chose Team Mystic. Guess it’s because blue is his favorite color. I would have picked the red team. I have stuck with blue team and battle the red team all the time. Looking forward to the Gym rework and I’m saving my potions for it.


All hail Team of Mystical Powers!

Level 36 here.