Team Rocket Day


@5GodLink is definitely Giovanni on this forum but he doesn’t really do much. Meowth pretty much runs the show, so @Branebs picked right character.


True was just my opinion


Nobody is disparaging your opinion. I’m not Jesse or James. I’m Wobuffet and respect your views.


Lol never said you were dude never take anything seriously but I do like the fact that our leader is a cat


I never take anything seriously. That is why I am fine with a cat being our leader. Remember, he is a Pokémon that dresses up like a Pokémon to help steal other Pokémon.


Yeah like that one and the fact that is kind of a smart ass and gets everyone else to do his dirty work for him got to admire that


I do the same thing IRL. If I want someone to do something that they aren’t sure about, I make them think it’s thier idea. Then they have no problem doing it. I just make sure it isn’t something to get them hurt or in trouble. Works every time.


At work I just always yell and threaten until they do it. at home I just act like I don’t know what I’m doing tell someone else to remove let me do it then I just stand there yup


I get away with that with my wife because I feign ignorance, and she just usually ends up doing it. At work, I’m these guys Sergeant. Their performance is based off what I showed them to do, so I don’t usually mess with them that much. But it is fun when I do.


I understand I was told performance reflects leadership. so I always tell them you don’t know how to do it that means I don’t know how to do it so are you saying I’m stupid that’s my favorite thing to tell him


I need more shinies! i need more legendaries! all high IVs!


Giovanni Challenges

Win a PVP battle

Show Giovanni 5 Pokemon from this photo:

Take a picture with your buddy:

Win a battle with a charizard


Come on @5GodLink! I’ll lose to you next!!


I can help with the shinies & legendaries but as far as IVs I never get good one sorry so if you want a sucky Groudon or Lugia I got you


Number 4 is a very special challenge. If you choose it, there’s no turning back! You can still do the raid boss challenge.


@Lingyujie write in 10 different topics about Team Rocket!


Challenges 1, 2, 4 and 10 are available.


@5GodLink here’s me and my buddy



Where is everybody? @UltraInstinct841 @Pokemon @5GodLink @bobbyjack8 @Cup @Lingyujie